Rumors Board

The rumors board is where we keep all the unexplored rumors in town, both originating from information exchanged in the tavern, and provided by the official Adventurer’s Guild. If you find the rumors appealing, head over to the Tavern on Discord and start assembling your party.

Here, you can add new information you’ve found while playing in the East Marches as a rumor, so that other adventurers can follow it up. Please be aware that for now the rumors are entered manually, so it could be a couple of days before the admins can update the existing list.

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The Fugitive (Adventurer’s Guild)Escaped! Dangerous criminal Tolan Deregard has escaped the Hand’s grasp last night, after ten years in prison, and it is now rumored to be on the run towards the east. Be warned! He is highly dangerous and travels with at least two accomplices. The city offers a monetary reward for their capture, dead or alive.Past the eastern docklands, running towards the south east.
A Tall Tale (overheard in the Black Clover Inn)“So I goes east today right? An’ as I goes along I come across this little hill, not but a few hours walk away from yer very doorstep Bernie. Bein’ the clever fellow I was raised to be by me mother, I figured I’d climb it, have a look around. I come up to the top and ‘ave a scan ‘round, but as I do I glance down an’ there it was. A bloody doorway innit? Goes right into the side of this ‘ere hill I’m standing on. I figured I were standin’ on an Elfen ‘ouse and made sure I weren’t standin’ on it right quick. Apologized a couple o’ times too, just to be sure. Can’t be too careful with them Fae can ye?”East
Golden Hive (Edward Clingham told this tale over a pint, in the Sneaky Tentacle Pub)“Let me ask you all a question. Have you ever heard the story of the Queen of Golden Skies, the fabled matriarch of the golden hives far up on an east facing summit in the Krestmar Peaks? It has been said that her hives, instead of honey, produce vast amounts of pure liquid gold. Well I tell you, I’ve just returned from that very hive, I have” He takes a giant swig from his tankard and continues, “Oh by the old gods, I have a story to tell ya, I do”An east facing summit in the Krestmar Peaks
The symmetry fields (Order of the Seraphim)If you see the trees all in a perfect straight shape reaching to the sky, you will be there. If you see no rubble on the ground and the grass is evenly distributed everywhere, you will be there. You are at the Symmetry Fields. The Order of the Seraphim is looking for a group of adventurers to seek the source of this symmetry. We suspect it might be harmful in nature and could be spreading. There will be a grand reward.Follow the river north for half a day, and bend to the east there
Attacks on ships (Fëanor)Our ship, carrying goods from Brighthaven to Duskbright, was attacked by a monster. It rammed the ship (which sunk within minutes) and then swam away. There’s possibly a connection to a small band of pirates which was recently destroyed on a small island close to Duskbright.Brightwater Bay
Abandoned tower (Fëanor)There is an old tower on the top of a hill on an uninhabited island close to Duskbright. The island was – until recently – inhabited by pirates.Brightwater bay, close to Duskbright
Mysterious lenses (Fëanor)It is rumoured that selected members of the seafarer’s guild are in the possession of priceless and powerful lenses, some of which may be capable of summoning ferocious monsters.Brighthaven
Another Death, Anther Rune (Aarmyren)Hctorl of Willemsfield is dead. Their death comes at a time where the growth of whispers surrounding the towns late beloved priest of Nzatre, Ilnya, died of unnatural means, means brought about by someone for a price. Now with the emergence of a second body baring an intricate rune marking, the few guards posted to Willemsfield seem hesitant to pursue the few leads they have, possibly out of fear, possibly out of gold?Willemsfield Area
Bold kobolds (Krugu)A coal mine, north of the city, has reported a breach in the tunnels. It seems a band of Kobolds have dug through and are now trying to occupy the mine to make it part of their underground network.
Adventurers are needed to clear the tunnels so that production can resume and supplies can be delivered to the city. Damage to the tunnels and materials will result in a lesser reward.
Coal mine, north of Brighthaven
An abandoned town (Feanor)Poor Lord Malekaven! He invested a lot of gold back in the empire into buying the ownership and title of a large plot of land on a possible trade route. Not only did he buy a fake ownership and title, but the ruins of the town on that location are infested with all kinds of monsters.
I’ll tell you more about the monsters for a mere 20 gp, and for 50 gp more I’ll even draw you a map.
Five days northeast of Brighthaven – most of which was traveled by ship.
The jungle keep (Saigo)“Where the raven roams
The tribesmen go meet their end
Is there more than death?”
Deep in the jungle stands a forgotten keep surrounded by a town. The place seems to be swarming with strange creatures and other dangers, but there is also treasure to be had. Should the place ever be cleared it would make for a fine settlement. It is suggested to contact Lord Melekalven, as he might be willing to fund another expedition. Should you want more information come find me in the tavern.
Northwest of Brighthaven