In this page you’ll find the rules of the East Marches game. Please keep in mind that we’re making up things as we go. If you have suggestions or questions, you’re absolutely encouraged to contact us on Discord, Meetup, or shoot an email to

Making a Character

  • All characters start at level 1. If it’s your first time playing with any character, they will start at level 1. If you are already playing with a character of a higher level, and you want to play a new character, the new character will start at level 1.
  • All races and classes from the official content are allowed, but no homebrew content, and no content from Ravnica or Unearthed Arcana. This is to avoid situations where the DMs are not familiar with the race/class, and  unpredictable skill difference between players arise
  • Use point buy (or standard array) when making your new character
  • Don’t roll for hit points, just take the average (so people are equal in HP totals)
  • You can have more than one character, but they will all be considered different: different levels, different tokens, different equipment. Your characters can’t “trade” with each other.


  • Character alignment is flexible, but remember you are playing with other people (don’t be an asshole rule applies).
  • If all the parties consent, PvP is allowed. Make sure to clear it with the DM before, as some DMs don’t like it.
  • Remember that for evil-aligned behavior there are consequences in-game (guards, prison, …)
  • Characters that are there to fuck over other characters are frowned upon, and continued behavior can lead to being banned if it disturbs other players (so please report in private problematic characters)

Leveling up

  • Every time you play a one shot session, you get a “token” which represents your XP. Tokens are (for now) imaginary objects that need to be collected in order to level up
  • Every N tokens, you’ll be able to gain a new level: from level 1-3, you need one token to level up; from level 3 to 10, 2 tokens; from level 10 to 14, 3 tokens; from level 14 to 20, 4 tokens;
  • Tokens are your responsibility as a player – DMs don’t have a record of how many you have, so it’s up to you to level up your character accordingly.
  • If you want to slow down your levels, you can just not use the tokens you have, and just hang around on your preferred level until you feel like leveling up!
  • Please don’t “fake” tokens. Sure, nobody keeps track, but it’s bad practice around other people to suddenly show up 5 levels higher than everyone else


  • In case your character dies at level N, you can make a new character of level N-2 (this might vary at higher levels).
  • Resurrection is possible in this universe
  • If character is not resurrected: the body stays where it died, and belongs to the universe now

Signing up for a game

Games are created in three different ways:

  1. A DM volunteers for a specific East Marches related one shot, and a meetup is organized for that with the title ‘East Marches’. In this case, you can sign up as for every other one shot in the group.
  2. A player wants to explore a hook that they find in the rumors board, or the adventurer’s guild. They can reach out to a DM, seeing who would be willing to guide this game. Them and the DM would then be marked as organizers of the meetup. The other players can sign up through the meetup page.
  3. A player assembles a group of other players to make a party towards a specific hook/rumor. They can then reach out to a DM to see if they would be willing to guide the game. This particular option has no RSVP (since they already have all the players) so it will not be posted in the meetup group.

Best practices for playing are still valid:

  • If there are multiple one shots in a month, please don’t sign up for two consecutive ones
  • If there are multiple one shots in a month, please don’t sign up for more than 2 in the first 24h (the idea being, if you’ve already participated to 2 one shots, leave 24 hours for people to sign up. If there is still space after that, go for it)

This is not applied in case you are switching from DM to player and vice versa – you can consecutively DM and play. Keep in mind – we’re not doing this to limit your enjoyment, but to make sure everyone has a chance to play and have fun!

Also, note: if you don’t feel like these rules apply to you (because of special case settings, e.g. you’ve volunteered as a host, or you’ve participated in the organization) feel free to reach out on discord or through the meetup app.

Discord channels setup

  • Tavern Talk: this channel is a digital version of the Black Clover Inn (and all the inns and taverns of Brighthaven). It’s for online role-play and character introduction. Head over there, introduce yourself as your brand new character, and you’ve officially entered the East Marches campaign!
  • Player mission board: this channel is a way for characters to spread their rumors after playing an adventure. Did you see a bunch of orcs while you were coming back from slaying that dragon? Let other players know, so some brave adventurer can go and slay them.
  • Guild mission board: this channel is a way for DMs to spread rumors. Here you’ll find all the adventure hooks that DMs have thought out. However, it doesn’t mean that these will necessarily become one shot! So, if you like them, reach out to the DMs and ask to play!
  • Under the hood: for all the east marches related questions and doubts
  • Request a DM: if you’re a single player or an entire party, head over there with the hook you want to follow, and see if there is a DM willing to pick that up!

Playing the game

  • You can only play one character per session
  • You are the ‘keeper’ of your character: their equipment, treasure, character sheet and tokens are your responsibility as a player.
  • There is no “official” map for players to know where their adventure actually takes place. The Black Clover Inn, in the City of Brighthaven, has a big wooden table with a rough  where adventurers scratched a rudimentary map of the surroundings, and whoever comes back from an adventure just adds to it what they just found.
  • If you send a short (but well written!) writeup of the adventure that you just played to the discord channels or the admins to be published as a blogpost here, your character will get Inspiration in their next game!

Things to keep in mind

  • Distance doesn’t imply more difficult stuff:  there can be something very difficult close to the city, and something easier further away
  • We follow guides in the DMG for monetary value, treasures and rewards

Joining as a DM

  • If you’re a first time DM: consider DMing a one shot outside of the East Marches context. In order to keep the universe consistent, especially at the beginning, it’s better to have some experience.
  • If you want to become an East Marches DM, please reach out tho the existing DMs: they have an existing communication system and knowledge base for “behind the curtains” content.

Open questions and WIP

  • Q: Can we have a central repository of characters?
    A: We’re considering a ‘character wiki’, where everyone can have/maintain their basic character information. Still nothing more than an idea.