How do I play

Participating in the Brighthaven East Marches is easy, you will only need a lvl 1 character, which you can build using content from the Player Handbook, Xanathar’s guide to everything and Volo’s guide to monsters. Use point-buy for your ability scores and feel free to customize your background  (see the Rules for more details). After you have completed your character, go find a one-shot!

One-shots will be posted on our Meetup, or put together among players in the the Discord channels. You can sign up for a game on there, and make sure to check the details for additional information on the backstory of the one-shot, DM playstyle, time and location.

Here’s an example of how participating to a East Marches game can work.

Sam’s character ‘Thorgold’ has heard of sightings of strange dancing lights at an abandoned mill, stood on a low hill several days upstream from Brighthaven. Thorgold picked up this rumour from a distraught farmer he encountered during his previous adventure into the wilderness around Brighthaven.
Sam wants to follow up on this information and wants to put together a band of adventurers to go check out the dancing lights at the mill.
She goes over to the #tavern-talk channel and introduces Thorgold to the other adventurers hanging around.

Thorgold, a 6 foot tall, grizzled-looking Dragonborn with a bladed mace at his side and a scuffed-up shield on his back, walks over to the bar and orders pint of hard cider. The bartender, Bernie, places the drink in front of him with a nod and starts wiping the counter with a stained rag.
Thorgold takes a long pull from the tankard, wipes the froth from his scaly lips and then turns around to address the common room.

“I’ve a job that needs doin’. It don’t look like there’s much pay involved, but I’ve got two gold for each of you who would join me, for curiosity’s sake if naught else.”
Several solid gold coins clink onto the counter, falling from Thorgold’s upended palm.

Several other players, present in the chatroom, take her up on her offer and soon enough, a party is formed.
Sam’s Thorgold and three other characters decide they want to try and have a game sometime in the coming week and go over to the #request-a-DM channel.
Sam posts a short description of the adventure she and her fellow players want to embark upon. She makes sure she puts any relevant information in there, so any potential DMs have a solid idea of what they’re getting into.

Adventure hook: a farmer by the name of Alan, living on the outskirts of Willemsfield, tells of strange lights at the abandoned McCarthy mill to the north of town. Alan indicated that the mill has stood abandoned for years, but that recently, when night is darkest, eerie lights can be seen playing behind the broken windows and between the rotting timbers of the building.
Players: Sam, Andy, Max, and Gene
Characters: Thorgold (lvl 2 Dragonborn fighter), Liaren (lvl 2 Elven ranger), Morgar Axe-biter (lvl 1 Dwarven barbarian), Carol Flynn (lvl 3 Human sorceror)
Sam and her fellow players then wait for one of the DMs to pick up their quest.
Together they hash out the details – a date for the session, a location for the session, and any other specifics desired by either the group or the DM.

Alternatively, should she not be interested in the rumour, Sam could post the same description of her rumour to the #player-mission-board for other adventurers to follow up on.
She could even post a short snippet of the rumour, with the promise of further details, if interested players were to pay her in silver. She could also trade her rumour for another, found by another player. These last two would be best situated in the #tavern-talk section, while the former could be posted in the #player-mission-board at first, and then discussed in-character in #tavern-talk.