I want to play in One Shots

  1. How do I sign up for a game?
    Join the Meetup group to RSVP to games and be notified when new games are organized!
  2. Is there a limit to the number of one shots I can attend?These are the basic rules of etiquette:
    – if there are multiple one shots in a month, please don’t sign up for two consecutive ones
    – if there are multiple one shots in a month, please don’t sign up for more than 2 in the first 24h (the idea being, if you’ve already participated to 2 one shots, leave 24 hours for people to sign up. If there is still space after that, go for it)
    – This is not applied in case you are switching from DM to player and vice versa you can consecutively DM and play. Keep in mind – we’re not doing this to limit your enjoyment, but to make sure everyone has a chance to play and have fun!
  3. Do I need to be an experienced DnD player?
    Absolutely not! We’re open for experienced players and total beginners, as long as everyone is respectful of each other’s skills, and enjoys playing the game.
  4. I’m an experienced player and I don’t want beginners in my team, can I restrict RSVP?
    At the moment, no. It’s not impossible that at some point we’ll introduce “tiers” of expertise, but so far that’s not the intention. This might not be the group for you, sorry.
  5. I am always too late and all the spots are taken, what should I do?
    You have a few options: if you feel like trying the DM position, just set up your own event, and take the leading chair! It’s fun, we promise. If you only want to play as a player, then get in touch with someone who is willing to DM (either at the monthly meetup, or in private) and organize this event together, so you both appear as RSVPd as soon as the event is up.
  6. I have been removed/banned but I don’t know why. What do I do?
    This should not happen. Organizers should have had a 1 on 1 conversation with you in case you have violated the few rules of basic human decency that are upholded in this meetup. Please contact the organizers, it was probably an accident.
  7. The question I want to ask is not here! What do I do?
    Contact the organizers on discord or at info@amsterdamdnd.com ! We likely haven’t thought about that question yet, as it’s the first time we organize anything of the sort. We’ll be happy to take any questions and suggestions.

I want to DM a game

  1. I am a DM and I have an idea for a one shot, can I organize it through this meetup?
    Yes! This is what the meetup is here for: whether you are experienced or a beginner, you’re welcome to contact one of the organizers and they will set up the meetup for you!
  2. I want to run an edition of DnD other than 5e, what should I do?
    Bring it up with the organizers. The restriction on edition is just there to set a baseline, so it’s clear what the default is, and so that people don’t have to learn a new ruleset every one-shot. But, if you want to play a one shot in a different edition, as long as that’s clear in the event title/description, it’s fine!
  3. I want to try DM-ing but I haven’t done it before, can I still organize a meetup?
    Yes! We introduced some identification traits for DMs so that people know what they are signing up for: experience level, playing style, and so on, so be sure to communicate this clearly to the organizers.
  4. My style as DM is particular (e.g. “I love rules” VS “I focus on the storytelling more than on the rules”) and I’m not sure players would enjoy it: what should I do?
    Make it clear with the organizers, so that they can add it to the event description. Every style is welcome, as long as players know what they are signing up for! This needs to be fun for everyone.
  5. Can I restrict RSVP based on gender/race/religion/sexual orientation?
    Not through this meetup group. Feel free to organize separate D&D campaigns and one-shots through separate channels. Also, if you’re looking for safe spaces to play (e.g. women-only groups, or queer-only groups) feel free to contact the organizers, as they might be able to point you to other meetup groups!
  6. I want to play a longer adventure, can I organize it through this meetup?
    At the moment, no: this would mean that people wouldn’t be able to RSVP, since the group of player is fixed, and it would defeat the purpose. This group is made so that rotation between one shots can vary.
  7. We played a one-shot, but we didn’t finish it in time: can we organize the follow up through this meetup?
    Not through the meetup unfortunately, as the RSVP for this event would be limited to the already existing party. Feel free to organize it through private channels, or already make plans to continue at the end of the session! If it turns into a longer adventure, it means it was awesome 😉
  8. One of the players turned out to be a toxic person/rude/disrespectful/mean/racist/homophobic. What do I do?
    Please report them to the organizers. We want to create an environment of nice, respectful and enjoyable people. We will talk personally with all the parties involved, and make the decision to exclude this person from future meetups, in case the claims appear to be true. Please be understanding: we’re not the all-seeing eye, and we can only make a judgement based on our own understanding of the situation.